NextMark Release Improves Usability

This evening, we will update the NextMark system to version 7.11.  The release is packed with changes aimed at making the system easier to use and more reliable than ever.

The most significant change you’ll see relates to the new Data Card Wizard that not only makes it easier for users to add and edit data cards but also enables a new type of data card format for advertising programs.  The data card format is determined by the Media Type, which is chosen on the first panel of the Wizard (see example below).

As you’ll soon see, it is now easier to navigate to specific section of existing data cards and make changes quickly.

Another new feature that reduces the amount of time you’ll spend updating data cards is batch update of key dates.  Now, from a search results page, the ‘valid as of’ and ‘last update’ dates can be updated and applied to one or more records displayed on the page.

So, log in and check it out and for a complete list of changes in 7.11, refer to the release notes.

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