Are you still relying on the RFP? … Why?

Last year in The Fiesta Nobody Loves, Doug Weaver of The Upstream Group landed a few well-deserved whacks on the RFP:

“As we enter the fall season and another online advertising year begins to ebb, the human-powered agency RFP process continues — against all odds — to cling to life. For those looking in from the outside, the RFP (request for proposal) is a weekly ritual in which an agency sends out digital planning requirements to five times as many sites and networks as they’ll be able to buy from. The sales reps get all lathered up, put their entire organization into Def-Con 4 status, and turn a detailed proposal around in 36 or 48 hours with relatively little quality information and — unbeknownst to them — very low odds of really being considered.

“Just about everyone you talk to wants this thing to go away. Clients see it as a waste of their billable hours; planning teams feel that it burns out their people; publishers see it as a massive resource drain; and holding companies are desperate to automate it out of existence. It’s the Rod Blagojevich of business practices.”

So, here we are a year later… Are you still relying the RFP? Really? Why?

Maybe you should try Media Magnet. It gives you the good parts of the RFP (fresh proposals) without all the hassles of the RFP.

Three good reasons to try it: It’s easy. It works. And it’s free.

Get it here:

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