We’re hiring – VP Sales – New York, NY

82% of online advertising budgets are spent on premium advertising inventory through guaranteed contracts. Yet, most advertising technology to-date has been focused on the other 18% – remnant inventory. The process of creating and executing digital media plans has not been well-served by technology. Digital media buying is still a 42-step process costing agencies more than $40k per campaign in manual labor costs. This inefficiency directly costs the industry more than $1 billion per year in labor and significantly more in lost opportunities because of held back spending.

NextMark is solving this problem with it’s new digital media planning system which is purpose-built for buying digital advertising inventory directly (online display, mobile display, online video, and more). It brings better information, automation, and integration to the process. It’s goal is to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of digital advertising.

NextMark has a successful track record of delivering powerful media planning tools. Since 2000, it’s been serving both buyers and sellers in 15 media channels – both offline and online. Today, more than 2,000 firms and countless marketers rely on NextMark to help them reach their market.

As VP of Sales, you will lead NextMark’s sales team and establish its New York office. Your goal will be to accelerate the growth of an already growing and profitable business.

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