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Remix culture

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Chris' recent blog on Chocolate Rain reminded me of new cultural phenomenon that Larry Lessig calls the Remix Culture. You may chide Tay Zonday and Chocolate Rain for it's amateur production relative to broadcast standard, but you have to respect its 33 million views. And you also have to respect it for the remix attention it has received including John Mayer's version, Weezer's references in Pork n Beans, and one of my personal favorites, Chad Vader. Chad, as you might guess, is a remix of Darth Vader.  So, Chad Vader's version of Chocolate Rain is a double-derivative remix:

What does this mean for you and your business? People love to remix. For example, it didn't stop with Chad Vader. You may have also heard about the Cookie Monster's version from Michael Scott on 'The Office'.

Is there a way for you to allow your customers to interact with and remix your products and services? Larry Lessig might give you some ideas.