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Email or Zairmail? NextMark Makes It EZ

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

NextMark has found a new partner to help you create and send direct mail! If you are looking for an email list then the email list finder is a great place to start. However, if you would like to create and send direct mail through the USPS, then take a visit to Zairmail. NextMark's new affiliate partner provides you with online tools that make direct mail easy.

Email List Finder

Did you know that you can find information on over 15,000 e-mail lists using the free mailing lists search tool?

Did you know that you can also find information on over 55,000 postal mailing lists using the free mailing lists search tool?

 Zairmail 123

You now have convenient access to targeted mailing lists, direct mail and postcard templates, and everything else you need to grow your business using direct mail marketing. There is also a free sample mail kit that contains all the information you need to get your direct mail campaigns off the ground.

Real Mail Made Easy