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San Francisco passes first ‘Do Not Mail’ law

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

As reported in DM News, Fox Business, and others, San Francisco became the first American lawmaker to pass a "do not mail" resolution. Although non-binding, the measure that passed by a 9-2 veto-proof majority in the San Francisco Board of Supervisors calls for the creation of a do not mail program.

The Forest Ethics Council was "unbelieveably pumped" about the decision. Meanwhile, the Direct Marketing Association and its Mail Moves America coalition was "disappointed that the committee would endorse an action that would hurt small businesses and destroy jobs."

I've got to believe there's some middle ground here. It's not that people want "no mail." They just want better control over the mail they get. They call it "junk mail" because they don't want it and feel powerless to stop it. But they want to continue getting catalogs and other mail that is relevant and interesting.

A "do not mail" program is a blunt instrument that serves nobody well. Can't we put some bright minds together to give people control over their mailbox without further destroying the economy?