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NextMark featured in new book: Contemporary Direct & Interactive Marketing

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Direct marketing is going through a transformation. Some suggest re-branding direct marketing techniques as "interactive marketing" because of the highly personal two-way relationship it enables.

Contemporary Direct & Interactive Marketing bookDr. Lisa Spiller and Martin Baier have just published a second edition of their book entitled Contemporary Direct & Interactive Marketing that investigates this transformation. It illustrates the latest and greatest methods employed by leading practitioners.

While every marketer agrees that your choice of mailing lists is fundamental to the success of your marketing program, few marketing books cover this topic in any depth. I was pleased to see that Spiller and Baier bucked this trend and gave the topic coverage it sorely needs in Chapter 3 – "Developing Lists and Discovering Markets"

I was also honored they showcased NextMark and our Mailing List Search Tool in their opening vignette, which includes the following passage:

"The challenge for most marketers is to locate appropriate lists that will enable them to communicate with prospects that are likely to have a need for their products or services. Fortunately, this task has become much easier due to the advances in technology, the availability of lists, and companies like NextMark.

[… step by step instructions on using the list finder …]

"NextMark is building the technology to help eliminate the administrative headaches associated with developing lists and discovering markets. So if you want to effectively prospect for new customers, visit NextMark at and explore its list finder — you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy prospecting can be with highly targeted lists."

Here is what else you will find in that chapter on mailing lists.

  • Lists as Market Segments
    • A Perishable Commodity
    • Types of Lists
    • Development of House Lists
  • The List Industry
    • List Users
    • List Owners
    • List Brokers
    • List Managers
    • List Compilers
    • Service Bureaus
  • Evaluation of Lists
    • Measurement of Results
    • Response Differences Attributable to Timing
  • The Nature of Market Segmentation
    • Product Differentiation
    • Product Positioning
    • Segmenting Business Markets
  • The Bases for Market Segmentation
    • Geographic Segmentation
    • Demographic Segmentation
    • Social factor Segmentation
    • Psychographic Segmentation
    • Behavioral Market Segmentation
    • Using multiple Segmentation Bases
  • ZIP Code Areas as Market Segments
    • Geographic Structure
    • ZIP+4
    • Clustering Areas to Segments
    • Availability of Statistical Data

Purchase the book through our Amazon store here.