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RFP Template for Digital Advertising

Friday, April 5th, 2013


After speaking with dozens of digital media publishers and planners, I’ve come realize that two things need to happen in order for more digital media proposals to be accepted:

1) The digital media planner (buyer) must communicate the campaign objectives, acceptance criteria, and detailed requirements in a manner that leaves no room for error or misunderstanding.

2) The digital media publisher (seller) must respond with a relevant proposal that includes all of the requested information. Take a look at the top 5 things you’ll find in digital media proposals that win.

The good news is that digital media spending continues to increase, and you can expect to see an even greater lift in demand for premium guaranteed inventory when interactive media buyers and sellers are effectively matched, consistently concise, and clearly understood.

Based on input from digital media buyers who have expressed their needs, I developed an EASY-RFP template using the desktop application most frequently used in 2012 by digital media planners; that’s right — Microsoft Excel!

I would like to thank Ali Hockenberry (IMM), Ed Frack (Klunk & Millan Advertising), Joel Nierman (Critical Mass), and Michelle Burnham (Burnham Marketing) for their insights and RFP template suggestions.

Click here to download your free RFP template for digital advertising. Feel free to use, modify, or incorporate this for your own RFP template. Your feedback is welcome!

You can use the Easy RFP template in conjunction with NextMark’s Digital Media Planner application. Planner eliminates the hassles associated with sending RFPs, managing proposals, and accepting proposals into your media plan.  Best part? It’s free. Request your access to NextMark Planner here.

The benefits of niche media planning

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Hollis Thomases explains the benefits of niche media planning in ClickZ article How Niche Media Planning Might Be Better for Your Advertiser, such as:

"Despite often having an edge over the bigger publishers when it comes to targeted content and unique audience attraction, niche sites still tend to work harder to get your advertising business…mainly because they are off the radar of a lot of media and measurement tools. From them, the planners and buyers get better service and response times, better rates, more campaign flexibility, and shared research. From their site's niche focus, the advertiser gets lifts in unique visitors, better or more control over content opportunities and cross media platform offers, and hopefully better campaign achievement (or equal at perhaps less cost or in less time)."

Hollis proves the value of niche advertising. How to find those niches?

Rising Importance of Media Planning in Digital Marketing

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Always-on From pages 149-150 of Always On: Advertising, Marketing, and Media in an Era of Consumer Control by Christopher Vollmer with Geoffrey Precourt:

Many agencies have been too slow to recognize just how much of their actual value to marketers has shifted from “the big creative idea” and “the most efficient media buy” to “the most sophisticated and innovative media planning.” In the always-on world, the interdependencies between the media and the message have never been more important. the planner (not the creative of the buyer) has in fact become the driving force in today’s marketing. It is the planner who chooses among media distribution platforms, who ensures that creative executions are integrated across the right touchpoints, and who leverages insights into consumer behavior to support advertising with more relevance and impact. (more…)