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2008 List Industry Trends and Observations

Monday, December 29th, 2008

It’s the economy that’s driving it all – resulting in demand for efficiency, international collaboration, and strict guidelines for media investments.

Migration to Integrated Online E-Commerce Solutions

An increasing number of direct marketing services providers are leveraging economies of scale via e-commerce solutions. Online application services providers (ASPs) are enabling direct marketers to share the same language and non-proprietary data, while eliminating redundant tasks related to data entry and conversion. Managed hosting solutions also provide enhanced security for proprietary information and disaster recovery services at a much lower cost. This trend will continue for as long as the demand for efficiency exceeds the resistance to change.

Global E-Mail List Demand

Google and the other major search engines are sending e-mail list buyers around the globe. Not all of them pan out to be the best prospects for U.S. based list and data providers. However, many of them are looking to replicate some of the best practices that have worked so well here at home.

International representatives, like Maurice Williams—Chief Marketing Officer of Singapore Post, were actively engaged at DMA 2008 this fall. I was very impressed by contributions Maurice made during a focus group we attended together. We’re seeing some new interest from international list managers looking to market their files (e-mail and postal) on U.S. based search portals.

List Marketing By the Numbers

We’re more likely to see space advertisements with dedicated 800 numbers and contextually targeted advertising solutions with real time results, than mass media efforts during halftime this winter. Discretionary dollars are being redefined, and marketing directors are getting wiser. If the results of the program aren’t measurable, then it’s a tough sell nowadays.

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