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Would You Serve A T-Bone On A Trash Can Lid?

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Of course not (maybe to a junk yard dog), but I'm not sure everyone thinks this way when it comes to data cards. The t-bone steak represents the winning combination of a world-class list manager and a quality mailing list with an exceptional test-to-continuation ratio. The trash can lid represents a neglected data card for that sameTbonesteak_3 mailing list. Take a step back and embrace this analogy from the perspective of a list broker or mailer. You select your favorite list research tool from the browser– we'll use the Mailing Lists Search Tool for this example, since that is a free tool in the public domain. Here's what happens:

You find a brand name mailing list of active subscribers that matches your customer profile. This mailing list is marketed by a credible list management firm with superior industry knowledge, a proven track record for customer service, and a diverse portfolio of top notch response list titles. Futhermore, the mailing list you selected is known for its success in delivering above average response rates with consistently high payup rates. Now you are ready to add this list title your client's new test recommendation, but you notice that the data card has not been reviewed in over a year. Needless to say, you're likely to question the validity of the information. You may wonder if the mailing list is still available for rental, or you may find out that the owner of the data card is no longer the list manager because they lost the business to a competitor and never deactivated their version of the data card. That's obviously not something the former list manager would want to promote in the public domain, but it happens every day!

What's the take-away in all of this? It's simple. Keep your data cards up-to-date with quality information on all of the list research channels, especially in the public domain where your content is most visible. You are able to publish and maintain your data cards online for free using MarketMax SE, and those cards will be updated instantly on all of the list research portals powered by NextMark in the public domain.

At the same time, your data cards will be updated for all of NextMark's list research and list brokerage system users, representing 185 companies who acquire mailing lists for new customer acquisition.

Finally, if you'd like NextMark can integrate your web site so you only need to update your data cards in one place — NextMark will take care of the rest. Is there any better way for you to gain control over the process? It's time to serve those data cards 'well-done' and get noticed for your efforts.