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NextMark’s Digital Referral Programs

Monday, December 15th, 2008

One of the benefits of a search engine optimized web site is that it works for you around the clock. It also generates incoming leads for products and services that you may not be equipped to handle. I can't think of a better problem to have! It is so nice to pick up the phone to call your friends and send them some business.

An occassional mailer will contact NextMark for some creative counsel, but most often we receive inquiries from SOHO direct marketers seeking a reputable list broker to guide them through the customer acquisition process.

Thanks to companies like Google and Commission Junction, the referral process can be made easy through their hosted affiliate programs. Many companies are creating their own programs by developing co-branded web sites and automated html generators. Ultimately, these programs may be leveraged to make the online experience a bit more friendly.

We've decided to test a few affiliate programs with NextMark's mailing lists search tool with the hopes that the convenience of these links will make it easier for our existing users and new visitors to reach their market.

Printing and Postcard Mailing Solutions 

Mailing Lists and Email Leads

Create and Send Direct Mail Online  

These programs are non-exclusive.

The NextMark Direct Marketing Glossary also provides several hard to find definitions related to affiliate marketing and affiliate programs.