Videos by List Management companies

After blogging yesterday on the increasing importance of video in business, I was curious to see if any mailing list management companies had videos on YouTube. My research did not reveal much other than some cheesy videos from MLM opportunity seekers.

That's great news for legitimate companies seeking a competitive advantage! It's a wide open domain and you can win "mind-share" and market in a very inexpensive way.

But you think it's too hard? If a college kid can do a mailing list video out of his dorm room, you can create videos, too!

A good example of one company that's moving into this frontier is RMI Direct Marketing. They posted a video to promote their Nutrition Action Healthletter Subscribers mailing list:

This entertaining video not only helps to promote the list but also solidifies the relationship with their client. I think list management companies would be well-served by following RMI's example.

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