Unbelievable! 47 years old, unemployed, never been kissed — instant star!

I’ve been contemplating the question: Is Twitter just for Twits? The jury’s still out on whether it’s useful in business, but now I can see how it adds value to society.

Case in point: “Susan Boyle” was the #1 trending topic last night on Twitter. Never heard of Susan Boyle, so I clicked through to find out what all the chatter was about. Then I discovered a true gem on YouTube “Susan Boyle – Singer – Britains Got Talent 2009”.


Follow the link to view:

If Susan Boyle does not stir your emotions, you are not human.

Back to the subject… This video has only been on the air for less than 1 week (Since April 11th). It already has 19 million views. That’s a far faster rise than the YouTube phenom Chocolate Rainmaker. The votes and comments roll in every second.

I don’t believe this attention and stratospheric rise would have been possible without Twitter. Obviously, Britain’s Got Talent and YouTube, too.

As they say, Twitter tells you what is going on right now. The “right now” is the key part of their value. Otherwise, Twitter is a waste of time 😉

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