Are mailing lists for the birds?

Just this morning, a little bird told me to 'tweet-a-list'. OK, it actually wasn't a bird – it was Alex Slover, NextMark's intern from Cornell University. Alex was able to do some interesting work this week, configuring category searches for our public search tool and creating a new RSS feed that delivers information about new lists to market in real-time!

It only made sense to channel this information to those who follow NextMark on Twitter.

The fact is that mailing lists are at the heart of every direct marketing campaign, and experts agree that the lists you choose account for at least 40 percent of direct marketingTwitterbird success. That explains why mailiers and their list brokers are always in need of fresh names to rent. Every day, new lists come to market, insert media programs are launched, list owners change list managers, existing sources are enhanced, and postal lists are appended with email addresses. It's not easy to keep up with all of these changes, but knowing what's new to the market is an important part of identifying quality names for your direct marketing campaigns.

Now you can see what's happening live from more than 1,200 list management companies using NextMark to publish their lists. Here's an example from this afternoon.

Look – a new list was published 1 minute ago!

Up to 5 new lists will be tweeted every half hour, and all you need to do to be the first to know about new lists to market is follow NextMark. You may also subscribe to the NextMark RSS feed or link to new mailing lists to get the information in real-time; 30 minutes may be a long time to wait for next generation marketers on Twitter.

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