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End the debate. Snail mail is here to stay.

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Marketers are now realizing that abandoning direct mail for digital media may have negative consequences for return on investment (ROI), and the impact may be worse than expected. When budgets are tight, it’s harder to see the forest from the trees, and it’s easier to make cuts with less regard for lifetime value (LTV). Fortunately, information spreads fast nowadays so we get to hear pretty quickly what others have learned from their mistakes. Conversely, there are a few mailers that kept quiet about their success with direct mail in 2009 due to the positive implications of fewer competitors’ offers in the box. (more…)

Mother’s Day Marketing Made Easy

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

NextMark released a new campaign management feature just in time for Mother's Day. The new feature, 'Campaign Quick-Add' is available to all NextMark list research system users. Adding and removing lists from a campaign has never been easier. Check out the video demonstration below and you'll see how efficient your Mother's Day marketing can be.

If you are not currently a NextMark user, then we hope you'll check us out. You can learn all about direct mail and digital marketing by checking out the terms on our marketing glossary. You may also view the following data cards (from video above) using the Mailing Lists Search Tool:

  1. NetProspex North American Flowers, Gifts, and Specialty Contact List
  2. 1-800 Flowers Z-24 Enhanced Mailing List
  3. Calyx Flowers
  4. Fantastic Flowers

Happy Mother's Day!