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From Yellow Pages to Web Pages

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Think you can do without social media as part of your marketing plan? It used to be that all you needed was the yellow pages and customers would find you. No longer. People, and potential customers may be talking about you online, and you aren‚Äôt even aware of it. The current business must be a part of the dialog, engaging with potential and current customers and influencing the perception of their brand. (more…)

The most powerful free marketing tool ever offered on the Internet

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

NextMark’s new and improved Mailing List Finder tool has been getting some rave reviews. People are liking the media planning and strategic marketing insights it provides. Reviews don’t get much more positive than this one:

“This is the most powerful free marketing tool that I have ever seen offered on the Internet.”

Wow. Can’t beat that!

The List Finder is getting noticed by more people every day. National Public Radio has called it the Google of Mailing Lists and the Direct Marketing Association gave NextMark the Future Innovators Award for creating it (among other things).

Have you tried the Mailing List Finder? I’d love to hear your feedback. Better yet, post a review on your blog ūüėČ

End the debate. Snail mail is here to stay.

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Marketers are now realizing that abandoning direct mail for digital media may have negative consequences for return on investment (ROI), and the impact may be worse than expected. When budgets are tight, it’s harder to see the forest from the trees, and it’s easier to make cuts with less regard for lifetime value (LTV). Fortunately, information spreads fast nowadays so we get to hear pretty quickly what others have learned from their mistakes. Conversely, there are a few mailers that kept quiet about their success with direct mail in 2009 due to the positive implications of fewer competitors’ offers in the box. (more…)

The best kept secret in marketing?

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

I know of this website that gives you access to every mailing list on the market from every vendor – all in one place. Some pay $50+ to get its location, but I give it to you here for free…

The best kept secret in marketing

NextMark's mailing lists search tool (on the web at is a free marketing tool that has been described as "the best kept secret in marketing."

Why is this website a secret? In truth, it's not.

In fact, google "buy mailing lists" and you'll find it right there at the top of the most relevant results. But most marketers don't realize that an index of mailing lists exists and don't even bother trying to find it.

I've learned of enterprising individuals exploiting this knowledge gap and charging $50 or more to reveal this "secret tool" to you. I've looked into this scheme and there's nothing technically illegal about it, but it seems wrong to have to pay money to get a web address.

Please spread the word that the mailing lists search tool is free and available to any marketer who is looking for mailing lists.

Have You Seen Your Google Page Rank?

Friday, September 4th, 2009

A higher PageRank (PR) increases the likelihood that your web site will be found by those looking for your products and services. Other factors like relevance and TrustRank are also important, but the PageRank is a primary indicator for web site popularity.

Enter your web site's URL below to find out how you compare (PR values are 1 to 10):

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:
This free page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

Listed below are a few direct marketing sites and their respective page rank. How do you compare?

    • United States Postal Service PR = 8
    • The Direct Marketing Association, PR = 7
    • Acxiom, PR = 6
    • DMNews, PR = 6
    • infoUSA, PR = 6
    • RAPP, PR = 6
    • Valpak, PR = 6
    • Chief Marketer Magazine, PR = 5
    • Merkle, PR = 5 
    • New England Mail Order Association, PR = 5
    • NextMark/mIn, PR = 5
    • Target Marketing Magazine, PR = 5
    • American Catalog Mailers Association, PR = 4
    • ALC, Inc., PR = 4
    • Specialists Marketing Services, PR = 4
    • VT/NH Marketing Group, PR = 4

Feel free to share your Page Rank (PR) in the comments section below.

If you are a marketing services provider and would like to improve your on-line presence and page rank, then email or call me directly to see if you qualify to be added to the Directory of Marketing Services Providers. There is no charge to be included and many direct marketers search our directory to find list brokers, list managers, printers, service bureaus, agencies and more!

Chris DeMartine, Director of Business Development, (603) 643 – 1307 x114

Top 100 Social Media Cheat Sheet for Business

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Social marketing is on the rise and it’s here to stay. Are you still trying to figure out how to leverage social media for your business? You can start by learning the language with definitions from the marketing glossary, and then use this cheat sheet as a reference for most commonly used tools.

A few months ago a cheat sheet was introduced as a tool to help marketers get organized with Web 2.0 and social media marketing. Many new services have emerged since then. Therefore, several of those respective web sites have been added to this page as a quick reference linking to 100 free social marketing resources and online directories.

Bookmark this page or add it to your favorite places for quick and easy access to several of the top services by category. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, and some of these sites may not be the top choices internationally. However, it is a valuable resource for leveraging many of the top networks in the U.S., and can help you gain some international exposure as well.

Basic services must be free to¬†qualify for¬†inclusion on the top 100 list below. For your convenience, each title is linked directly to the respective site’s home page. I hope you¬†will find this to be a helpful resource for your business. Feel free to connect with me (DeMartine)¬†on LinkedIn if you would like to share other resources that are available online.

Linkedin Facebook Twitter Delicious Digg Reddit StumbleUpon


Free Social Media Resources (Top 100)

Aggregation Tools (5):  Bloglines, FriendFeed,, Lijit, YouBundle

Blogs (7):, Blogger, Livejournal, Posterous, Tumblr, Typepad, WordPress

Blog Directories (10):  Blogapedia, Blogarama, BlogCatalog, Blogdirs, Blog Flux, Bloghub, Blog Listing, Blogtoplist, BritBlog, Technorati

Bookmarks (12):  Delicious, Digg, Diigo, Fark, Mixx, MyBlogLog, Newsvine, Propeller, Reddit, Slashdot, StumbleUpon, Yahoo! Buzz

Comment Systems (2):  DISQUS, IntenseDebate

Free Directory¬†Listings (25):¬† Akama, Bateekh, BizHWY, Cardboard,¬†CrunchBase, DMOZ, EVliving, GetFreeListing, Google Local,¬†IllumiRate, Jayde, Jigsaw, Librarians’ Internet Index, Little Web Directory, Manta, MerchantCircle,¬†NextMark, Simple Directory,¬†Spoke, SuperPages, Tradevibes, TurnPike, WebBuyersGuide, Web World, Yahoo! Local

Marketing Trends (2):  Google Trends, Universe Trends

Name Checks (2):  Namechk, Usernamecheck

Post Documents (3):  eHow, Google Docs, Scribd

Post Presentations (3):  AuthorSTREAM, Myplick, Slideshare

Post Videos (2):  Vimeo, YouTube

Press Releases: (4):  i-Newswire,, PressReleasePoint,

Publish Articles (5):  ArticleDashboard, Articles FACTORY, Ezinearticles, IdeaMarketers, Yahoo Articles Group

Social Networks (8):  Biznik, Crowdvine, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning, NowPublic, Plaxo, Viadeo

Twitter Tools (5):  Grader, Ping, TweetDeck, TweetLater, Twitter

URL Shorteners (4):, doiop, memurl, TinyURL

Wikis (3):  Pbwiki, Wetpaint, Wikipedia

Tip:  Since PageRank is important to your exposure on the Google search engine results page (SERP), you may want to check out the page rank for each of these services as well. That can be done for free online by using the PageRank Checker (higher = better).

Tip:¬† adding your blog to the directories can¬†improve your search rankings and exposure; the same is true for your web site and your business. That’s the reason for including 35 directory listings (25¬†free directory listings + 10 blog directories) in the top 100. You only need to do it once, so take advantage of them.

Question:¬† Web¬†3.0 is to¬† ? ¬† as Web 2.0 is to social media…

Your feedback is welcome!


Mailing list quality vs. data card quality — what’s the difference?

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

It's simple. A data card is the marketing document that describes a mailing list.

A quality data card does not guarantee a quality mailing list, but you can have a top quality list that is neglected from a marketing perspective (i.e. a poor quality data card). First impressions count, and the data card is most often the first impression that a broker or mailer receives when researching new test lists for a direct marketing campaign.

To be blunt – you wouldn't serve a T-bone on a trash can lid, would you?

I'm not sure everyone thinks this way when it comes to data cards. The t-bone steak represents a quality mailing list with an exceptional test-to-continuation ratio. The trash can lid represents a neglected data card for that same mailing list. Think about this analogy from the perspective of a list broker or mailer.

You select a mailing list of active subscribers that matches your customer profile. The mailing list is marketed by a credible list manager with industry knowledge, a proven track record for customer service, and a diverse portfolio of quality response list titles. Futhermore, the mailing list you selected is known for its success in delivering above average response rates and lifetime value. You are ready to add this list title to your client's new test recommendation.

Not so fast! You notice that the data card has not been updated in over 6 months. Furthermore, you are ordering a monthly hotline so you have no idea what range the counts will be in.

Needless to say, you're likely to question the validity of the information. You may wonder if the mailing list is still available for rental, or you may find out that the owner of the data card is no longer the list manager because they lost the business to a competitor and never deactivated their version of the data card. That's obviously not something the former list manager would want to promote in the public domain, but it happens.

What's the take-away in all of this? It's simple. Keep your data cards up-to-date with quality information on all of the list research channels, especially in the public domain where your content is most visible.

A ranking of list managers by data card quality is published quarterly.


Run Your Vanity URL Check Across 122 Social Networks

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Did you know that anyone with an e-mail address and access to the Internet can secure your brand's name using a free social network service?

Are you too late?

Someone from Singapore registered as 'nextmark' YouTube and StumbleUpon, but it's not me - I've never even been to Singapore! If a country as strict as Singapore has these 'squatters', then think about the trend that could easily take off.

I learned quickly that I'd better take ownership of our brand name on the social networks and get those user IDs and vanity URLs secured. The only problem was that there are hundreds of online networks and I only knew about the obvious ones, like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Delicious and Digg. Fortunately, I found out about a great tool while attending the VT/NH Direct Marketing Group conference earlier this month. It's called namechk.

This tool will enable you to check the status of your company name (user name or vanity URL) on 122 social networking and bookmarking sites. It only takes a minute, and you'll be able to see whether or not your name is available for each and every one of the servcies listed.

Here's a snapshot of the namechk grid using LinkedIn as the example below. Go to namechk to run your own audit. This is a valuable service.

NameChk Image

The provider of this service also has a feature where you may request additional services to be added to the list. For example, you may want to request the addition of Plaxo or Vimeo since I know many of our marketing blog readers and mailing list seekers use those tools for business networking and video publishing. Feel free to share your thoughts on this tool.

NextMark unveils “life changing” technology at DM Days NY 2009

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Nextmark Select revealed at DM Days NY 2009

NextMark this week unveiled the much anticipated NextMark Select service at the DMA's DM Days 2009 conference in New York City. Nora Brophy from Cross Country Computer and NextMark's Chris DeMartine (shown above) co-presented to clients including Belardi/Ostroy, Aggressive List Management, IOMA, Estee Marketing Group, and RMI Direct Marketing. Those attending the demonstration were quite enthusiastic, with one list manager describing the new service as "life changing."

NextMark Select bridges the gap between data cards and data. This two-way connection automates the tedious administration of data cards and paves the way for new analytical applications, such as advanced mailing list profiling, online custom counts, and online ordering.

The "wow" always came at the point of the demonstration when showing how it enhances data cards. Here's a snapshot of a mailing list profile:

NextMark Select enhanced data card

For more information, visit the NextMark Select page on NextMark's website.

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Monday, May 4th, 2009

This cheat sheet has been revised. Please click Social Media Cheat Sheet for the updated version.

Are you spending too much time trying to figure out how to leverage social media for your business? Maybe you are just waiting to see some quantitative results before diving in. You know there's value in doing it, but the perceived ROI doesn't look very good when senior management's time is at stake.

This marketing blog will help you get organized before you dive in. Just save this page to your favorite places for quick and easy access to the top services. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list since there are hundreds of social networking sites that may not be as effective for business. It is also important to note that the services listed below are most recognized in U.S. and may not be the top choices internationally. I hope you find this resource helpful.     


Aggregation Tools: FriendFeed,, Lijit,, Socializr, Socialthing!

Blogs: Blogger, Typepad, WordPress

Bookmarks:  Delicious, Digg, Livejournal, Mixx, Newsvine, Propeller, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Yahoo! Buzz

Free Business Listings:  BizHWY, Cardboard, Crunchbase, Jigsaw, MerchantCircle, NextMark, Tradvibes, and many more out there!

Post Documents:  Google Docs, Scribd

Post PowerPoint Presentations:  AuthorSTREAM, Google Docs, Myplick, Slideshare

Post Videos:  Vimeo, YouTube

Social Networks:  Crowdvine, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo

Twitter Tools:  MyTweeple, TweetDeck, TweetLater, Twibes, Twitter

URL Shorteners:, budURL, Snurl, TinyURL,, Twurl

Wikis:  Pbwiki, Wetpaint, Wikipedia

Be careful which URL shortener you use as it may affect your future search rankings.

Your feedback is welcome, and encouraged, as to what works best for business. As NextMark's Director of Business Development, I've found LinkedIn and YouTube to produce the best marketing results.