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Cloud Computing or The End of the World?

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Just when we thought Larry Ellison of Oracle had Cloud Computing 'DE-MIST-IFIED' this shows up on YouTube. It's an amazing video of an unidentifified cloud formation over Moscow that has gone viral. It may not be raining in the picture, but this video is getting more attention than the Chocolate Rainmaker.

This is neither Cloud Computing nor the end of the world, but if you disagree then please feel free to comment. I'm sure it will lead to an interesting discussion.

Well, DMA09 starts this weekend so I'd better get back to work!

Saving Direct Mail — One Video at a Time

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

It's a fact. The mailing lists you choose will determine the success of your marketing campaign. There are more than 60,000 active postal lists, email lists, and insert media programs on the market today. NextMark is helping you find them, one video at a time.

NextMark technology makes it easier to find better lists, and get marketing services providers connected online.

RMI and Millard First To Add Video To Data Cards

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

RMI Direct Marketing was well-prepared for NextMark's latest software release (version 6.12) enabling video marketing for mailing lists. As of this morning, a NextMark list search revealed that RMI had posted a total of 90 videos to their data cards. Included in the mix were list management presentations exclusively for non-profit list brokers and mailers, and a nice pitch from Richard Leary regarding statistical modeling on the Guideposts Associates Masterfile. Check it out below:

RMI's Chief Executive Officer, Martin Stein was among tfirst to comment on this innovation.

"The data card has always served the list community as a one dimensional marketing tool – a basic template of segments, selections and pricing. NextMark's introduction of videos offers a new vehicle for data managers to capture the attention of list brokers and mailers in a personalized fashion for today's digital world. This type of forward thinking is a boon to our industry, and RMI is honored to be a part of such ground breaking innovation."

Anthony DiNino, Millard Group also responded to the opportunity with the posting of an informative video that promotes the unique attributes of the Time Life Package Insert Program. Check it out below:

For the full story, check out today's press release titled "NextMark Enables Video Marketing For Mailing Lists". The DMNews article is also good and it points to the ROI associated with leveraging video technology for lists. I wonder what we'll see next?

Marketing Freeconomics and The Chocolate Rainmaker

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Don't be discouraged if your 2009 marketing budget has been cut – there's still hope! Take a look at the success of the Chocolate Rainmaker, Tay Zonday. This baritone claims no formal musical training, and uses a cheap clamp on light with a fluorescent bulb as his signature hardware for on-line video production. His YouTube video "Chocolate Rain" has been viewed 33 million times, voted one of the best according to the Washington Post, and got him multiple appearances on national television. Check out the original version below:

Don't think for a minute that the opportunities of this current on-line video age do not apply to direct marketers. The rise of direct marketing freeconomics is a maturing concept, and NextMark is embracing it. Why not you?

We're looking to enable list managers to post video content on data cards as a free service in late Q1 2009. Traffic continues to soar on free mailing list search portals now that word is out that they can be used to gather market intelligence in addition to list research. List managers can embrace direct marketing freeconomics, and become rainmakers for list and data sales, by posting quality content about their files in direct marketing forums and blogs. A simple URL applied to a data card is all you need to promote your list title no cost. Here's an example:

Check out the list popularity index (LPI) on the data card for The Swiss Colony Catalog Food and Gift Buyers mailing list. Now that's not only an impressive statistic, but valuable information for list brokers. Take a look at the hightly correlated lists section and you'll see Godiva Chocolatier. Maybe it's time to start thinking 'Outside The Box of Chocolates'?

How To Find Mailing Lists… on YouTube?

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

One economic benefit of the information renaissance is that you can promote yourself, your company, or just about anything else for free. The introduction of YouTube 2005 was the latest of three significant developments including social networks and podcasting. I just checked and there were more than 60,000 new videos uploaded so far this week, and it's only Thursday!

Change Is Here!

These remarkable changes in media were here long before Barrack Obama was elected, and he and his campaign team were wise to leverage them. Many list marketers are also taking advantage of these new media channels as the rise of direct marketing freeconomics leads to an increased level of online lis research activity from mailers and list brokers in the public domain.

NextMark and marketing INFORMATION network are also leveraging these popular channels to provide insight and education on mailing lists. We posted our first video tutorial, "How To Find Mailing Lists" on the YouTube "findlists" channel this week.

Work Smarter

We all need to work smarter nowadays. The proliferation of online content has changed the world we live in and created a new playing field for direct marketers. Are you in the right training program to compete?

In about 425 years you could view all of the videos posted on YouTube, or you could view ours in less than five minutes. Click here for the complete series of online NextMark video tutorials. You may also want to visit our Direct Marketing Bookstore and check out a hard copy of one of our top picks. There are also some good resources there to learn more about direct mail, email, and multi-channel and database marketing.