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Quality Data Cards and Analytics

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

NextMark released its first quarter 2010 data card quality rankings this morning (press release). When I think about all of the new digital media competing for our attention, I am amazing at how much marketing insight can still be gained from data cards, and I’m not alone. Data cards provide valuable insight for prospecting:

“When it comes to prospecting for new customers, there is no better research tool than the data card,” said Britt Vatne, Executive Vice President of Data Management at ALC. “Despite the proliferation of digital media, data card analytics are still the best source of targeted information for new customer acquisition. However, if the information isn’t maintained in a timely manner, then much of that value is lost.” (more…)

Webinar – Increase List Rental Income With SEM

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

I'm neither a list manager nor list owner, but I have witnessed numerious conversations between them in regards to meeting list rental revenue projections. Something was always missing from those conversations, but I didn't know what it was at the time. List managers were well prepared to discuss performance benchmarks such as new test orders, test to continuation ratio, average order size, cost per thousand (CPM), exchange conversions, winbacks, and more. These saavy list managers also had diversified marketing plans, creative advertisements, and schedules that were consistently followed. So what was missing?Webinar_picture_5

I decided to host a webinar to answer that question. The title of the webinar was "Search Engine Marketing For Lists And Leads", and the content of the webinar was focused on the effectiveness of promoting list titles on the World Wide Web. This topic speaks to the heart of list managers and list owners who are looking for innovative ways to drive list sales, and it answers the question about what is missing from traditional models for projecting list rental income.

Number of impressions, click-through rate (CTR), data card page views, and cost per click (CPC) are just a few of the measures that are being used by online advertisers of mailing lists. Projection models are no longer limited to historical results, but also include online performance drivers and conversion rates. Furthermore, list managers are now paying more attention to key words and phrases contained in the data card.

"This makes me realize how updating and the words on the data card really matter", noted Kay Cassidy, Complete Mailing Lists.

The number of online leads, distributed by NextMark's Leads Program to list brokers and list managers, is doubling every year, with over 2,100 in January 2008 alone. This is all coming from the online list searches in the public domain — even more evidence that search engine marketing is essential to increasing list rental income.

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