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Google bets on mobile with $750 mm AdMob acquisition

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Google acquires AdMob

Google’s $750 mm acquisition of AdMob is their 3rd biggest behind Doubleclick and YouTube. AdMob, the mobile ad platform that has been especially popular on the iPhone, has certainly done a lot of things right in its first 3 years of operation with revenue approaching $100 million. Google thinks this can be a lot bigger:

“Despite the tremendous growth in mobile usage and the substantial
investment by many businesses in the space, the mobile web is still in
its early stages. We believe that great mobile advertising products can
encourage even more growth in the mobile ecosystem. That’s what has us
excited about this deal.”

The trend is clear. This deal shouts the importance of the mobile advertising channel. What can we learn from this? What should we do to capitalize on this trend?