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Top Ranked List Managers Revealed

Monday, January 12th, 2009

NextMark released its fourth quarter 2008 data card quality report this morning, revealing those list managers who are actively engaged in updating their data cards and those who are not. Among the findings were emerging list managers with expanded data card portfolios in the 500+ data category. DCQ Report

You wouldn't serve a t-bone on a trash can lid, so why would you represent a high quality mailing list with a poor quality data card? While list quality and data card quality are mutually exclusive, counts are changing all the time and a neglected data card could be a warning sign of a neglected list. It is important to keep this information up to date. With 40 percent of direct marketing success is contingent on list selection, mailers and list brokers need quality data cards to make the best purchasing decisions.

List managers may use the free data card publishing wizard to post and update their data cards online. There is also a user-friendly video tutorial (about 20 minutes long) that provides step-by-step instructions for publishing data cards online.

I Just Need A Mailing List!

Monday, January 21st, 2008

"I just need a mailing list!" states a recent inquirer who is ready to write a check to the first list broker to call her back with more information. We are distributing leads from a variety of direct marketers with some pretty hefty customer acquisition budgets, one recent inquirer is looking to order 12 million names in 2008. The increased awareness of mailing lists — much due to the presence of free list research portals used to find mailing lists on the Web — is fueling demand.

Leadsl_2It's hard to believe that so much effort is focused on proactive sales, when new customers are waiting at the doorstep. They keep knocking, but many of us are too busy cold-calling to answer the door. Is it because they "Just Need A Mailing List" and we're looking for the next big campaign management opportunity? Or have we lost sight of the simple truth that a mailing list is just what many prospects are looking for?

So what's happening with the list business? I think that we're all trying to figure that out. Some managers and brokers are embracing the traditional list buyer and are less prepared for the future of marketing convergence. Others are re-positioning themselves in such a manner that comprehensive solutions, many of which are promoted by list brokers and managers, are the face of their organization. In my opinion, none of it matters all that much as long as the customers' needs are met. 

Most industry veterans can share stories about how easy it was to grow list rental income by doing just a little more than maintaining data cards. Today, there are more than 60,000 active list titles for mailers and brokers to choose from, and many of these titles are taglines for databases containing hundreds of millions of names, addresses, and enhanced data points. From an economic perspective, there is more supply than ever before — but what about the demand for lists? Has traditional list rental taken a back seat to predictive analytics?

Of course not — these products and services are integrated complements not mutually exclusive substitutes. However, the commoditization of mailing lists has changed the landscape of the direct marketing environment, while regression analysis tools and other analytical resources are being applied and refined at a much higher frequency than in the past. Advances in technology have undoubtedly enabled direct marketers to apply these solutions at a lower cost, and many multi-title list owners are further monetizing the value of their house file through enhancements and modeling.

All of this is great for the future of major mailers and multi-channel marketers, but what about the new business owner who wants to rent a response list or order a few thousand names froma compiled database? These mailers are looking for a solution — and that solution is a mailing list. They are getting lost in the shuffle — and are ready and willing to buy. Can you help them? We'll do our best to provide them with industry definitions from the direct marketing glossary.

Search Engine LIST Marketing – Where Is It?

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Be encouraged! The mailing lists industry is not dying; it’s evolving – into a dynamic, data-based infrastructure of targeted direct marketing opportunities –and the World Wide Web is bringing it all together. You might be asking, “Shouldn’t this article be listed in the Search Marketing column?” Not really, this is a message for list managers, list owners, and database compilers who simply want to leverage their assets and increase revenue. This is not another promotional effort to redirect marketing dollars to paid search campaigns, and it is not another empty promise. Furthermore, I promise to keep it simple!

The birth of the World Wide Web, circa 1990 coincides with the learning age for the next generation of direct marketers. These search-minded entrepreneurs and business professionals are ‘googling’ their way to the top, and are less inclined to depend on traditional methods for learning about their respective markets. Furthermore, those who are looking for innovative customer acquisition strategies are turning to the Web. “OK, but how does this tie back to my efforts to generate list rental revenue for my list owner?”

Image003_3 The same basic search engine marketing principles apply. For starters, take a visit to Google and run a quick search on the mailing list you are trying to promote: i.e. "Advo mailing". You might be surprised by what you see. If you’re doing a good job with search engine optimization, then the mailing list promotional link could actually appear above the list owner’s corporate site – and all this happens without paying a cent for paid search.

For list managers and list brokers, you also want to keep an eye on your competitors’ rankings. Surprisingly, you may find out that you’re not too late in getting on top of the organic search listings. Take a look at the search results for “list manager” and “list broker”. What do you see? How far down the list did you need to scroll to find your company’s name? Are any of your key competitors on top? If you’re looking for the big names, then you may need to go deep; so seize the opportunity and embrace search engine marketing for your list business. It takes time for your web pages to get indexed, so the sooner you get started – the better.

Check out the direct marketing glossary to learn the lingo for search engine optimization and list marketing.