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Top List Managers Revealed for First Quarter 2009

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Don't think for a minute that neglecting a data card doesn't have a cost. While it is easy to get distracted by the demands on our time, keeping these documents current is essential to the direct marketing process and quality data cards improve the odds of getting list orders. Here's what one expert list broker commented on the subject:

"Our content strategy team has a good handle on the lists that work best for our clients, but we still need to know that the counts, pricing, and other information are up-to-date before making a formal recommendation," said Lisa Donnelly, Senior Director at Merkle, Inc. "Quality data cards give us the confidence we need to stand behind all of our recommendations."

NextMark publishes a quarterly report titled "Top List Managers by Data Card Quality" to encourage the users of our free data card publishing tool to post quality information and keep it current. This report presents the top list managers (up to 50) per category; a minimum of 50 mailing list titles per company is required to be ranked. The categories are based on the number of managed titles per company as indicated below:Top50-data-card-provider

Category I = 500+ Titles (21 companies)

Category II = 250 – 499 Titles (37 companies)

Category III = 100 – 249 Titles (61 companies)

Category IV = 50 – 99 Titles (73 companies)

For a complete report of the top list managers, including risers and fallers, visit our web site:


Top Ranked List Managers Revealed

Monday, January 12th, 2009

NextMark released its fourth quarter 2008 data card quality report this morning, revealing those list managers who are actively engaged in updating their data cards and those who are not. Among the findings were emerging list managers with expanded data card portfolios in the 500+ data category. DCQ Report

You wouldn't serve a t-bone on a trash can lid, so why would you represent a high quality mailing list with a poor quality data card? While list quality and data card quality are mutually exclusive, counts are changing all the time and a neglected data card could be a warning sign of a neglected list. It is important to keep this information up to date. With 40 percent of direct marketing success is contingent on list selection, mailers and list brokers need quality data cards to make the best purchasing decisions.

List managers may use the free data card publishing wizard to post and update their data cards online. There is also a user-friendly video tutorial (about 20 minutes long) that provides step-by-step instructions for publishing data cards online.