8% improvement in data card quality

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Top50datacardproviderWe just published our 3Q2008 Data Card Quality Report.  It’s always interesting to see who comes out on the top of the rankings.  But, to me, the most impressive result was the overall 8% increase in data card quality scores. 

Why is this so impressive?  The scores were good to start with and we just made the scoring more stringent.  So, jumping the quality by 8% in just 3 months is quite a feat.  It shows that list managers who publish their data cards on NextMark strive to provide excellent data cards.

It’s good for the list managers who post those data cards because they will get more business due to their professional presentation.  And it’s good for direct marketers who depend on this information to make good list purchasing decisions.

Here is the official press release on the 3Q2008 report:

New Belardi Ostroy Mailing List Search Tool

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Belardi Ostroy just launched a new mailing list search tool on their website, which was implemented using NextMark’s MarketMax Pro Service.  They successfully manage more than 250 mailing lists including some of the most popular on the market such as Cooking Light, Hammacher Schlemmer, Lillian Vernon and Sierra Trading Post.  Belardi Ostroy is one of the best list companies in the industry and we’re proud to count them among our clients!

Can Anyone Find Your Data Cards?

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Did you know that your mailing list is promoted publicly on the World Wide Web? Did you know that your list data card can be found and viewed using several free list search engines? If not, then here's an eye-opener for you. Click on any of the links below and run a search on any one of your list properties:List_search_12

Official Mailing Lists Search Tool

DMA List Search  

Direct Magazine

Multi-Channel Merchant


These list search tools are used by the next generation of direct marketers. Take a look at the ordering instructions and you'll see that there is a call to action for the buyer. Yes, it's that easy to request a mailing list, and on the other end, it's that easy to receive the lead. Therefore, the quality of this information is very important!

Take a look at the 'Counts Through' date to the right of the mailing list segments header. Are your counts up-to-date? How do the selects look? Look at all of your data cards, and if you like what you see, then give your list manager a call and let them know. And if you want to see how your list manager stacks up in terms of overall data card quality, then click below and find out: 

Top 50 List Mangers By Data Card Quality

If you don't see your list manager's name on this report, then don't jump the gun too quickly. There are over 800 list managers represented in the database, and about 200 that manage 50 titles or more. However, you'll notice that there are companies on this list that manage hundreds, or even thousands, of titles (at least at the time of this writing). Therefore, it would not be unrealistic to ask or expect that your manager be positioned accordingly.

ThruChannel launches new list search tool with NextMark

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Thruchannel_2 ThruChannel just deliver a new list search tool on their website with the help of NextMark’s MarketMax Pro service.  I am happy to report it was delivered on time and under budget.

ThruChannel’s distinguishes itself by the way they source their lists.  According to their website:

"ThruChannel is a premier List Management company providing targeted, multi channel,dynamic list products. We’re in a unique position to offer the greatest volume and the fastest speed to market.

"Through our unique relationship with one of the largest internet marketing firms, we provide lists with multiple data points per category.

"To effectively reach consumers in the marketplace today, companies need fresh data from multiple channels. Data that is 30 to 60 days old doesn’t cut it anymore – you need data that’s current, in order to keep up with your customer’s immediate needs."

It allows them to provide some useful lists like Need for Speed – thruchannel NASCAR Fanatics.  Interesting stuff.

infoUSA’s ListBazaar list search now live

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Listbazaar_logoWe recently completed a project for infoUSA to build a new list search tool for their wholesale division.  I’m happy to report the tool is now complete and available on their website: ListBazaar List Search Tool

This new search tool currently provides access to information about 129 lists and growing every day.  Some of the popular business lists cited are building contractors, business owners, and healthcare professionals.  Popular consumer lists include the collectibles database, diet and weight loss database, and credit card holders database.

Epsilon List Finder launched

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Epsilon_logoI am happy to report we just helped Epsilon to launch a new mailing list finder tool on their website.  They employed our MarketMax Pro technology to streamline the implementation.  it was delivered on-time and under budget (we rock ;-).

Epsilon has some good lists and services.  One of the more interesting ones is their Pre-mover file.  They are somehow able to identify people before they move. According to their data card:

"Epsilon’s pre-mover model provides marketers with a link to consumers before they move. Powered by Epsilon’s advanced analytics team of over 60 PhD’s and statisticians, this pre-mover model identifies new movers 1-3 months prior to their actual move date and is validated against actual move data on a monthly basis, allowing marketers to reach new movers before their services have been selected."

Very innovative! New movers spend a lot of money and make many of their purchase decisions before they move.  If you contact them after they move, you are probably too late!